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Inspiring initiatives - Discover "Muzeiko in a box"

Being the only kid’s science centre in Bulgaria, Muzeiko naturally occupies the leading role in the field of Bulgarian education.

In order to promote new informal methods of learning, some years ago Muzeiko presented an e-platform My Muzeiko, which provides free educational resources for Bulgarian teachers. Initially, it started with lesson plans and presentations completing them.

However, last year with the introduction of STEM approach in Bulgarian schools, Muzeiko came up with a product that includes a fully written scenario for a STEM lesson matching the National curriculum, complementing PowerPoint Presentation and physical materials for the project that concludes the lesson. All these are collected in a handsome recyclable box, which is called "Muzeiko in a Box". Once receiving the box, teachers and educators can easily provide academic knowledge through the perspective of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering, united in project-based learning.

Up to date, several contents have been developed:

  • Four full scenarios of STEM lesson plans for virtual classroom (grades 1-4) - Free of use

  • PP Presentations complementary to the lesson plans - Free of use

  • Materials for the lessons and projects that can be purchased upon request

  • Additional scientific articles to help science communication in the classroom.

Four topics are already available: To Birds with Love; My Body; Planet Earth & Bulgaria and Europe.

Bulgarian teachers welcomed Muzeiko in a Box, providing constant feedback that students really enjoy it too.

For more information, contact Milena Savova -

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