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The Unplugged Quest enters the schools

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

25 unplugged games, experiments and challenges are now ready for the real quest - from September to December 2022 / February 2023 the Unplugged project will organize and carry out demonstration activities within schools. All Unplugged activities will be performed in real educational environment to raise awareness on their impact on the ordinary school curricula and to receive valuable feedback form teachers and students.

The Unplugged project team wishes to invite you to contribute to enhancing our Unplugged pedagogical quest and playful interdisciplinary games. We would appreciate your dedication to co-organize within the school (a series of) classroom activity(ies) to test with primary school children the Unplugged quests, challenges and gamified activities.

Building 21st century skills for the future generation is a priority for your organisation? It is your strategic goal to be recognized as a leading educational organization in STEAM and computational education? Unplugged opportunities sound fascinating and applicable for the period September - December 2022?/ February 2023?

Be among the pioneers who sparkle the desire for learning in the youngest! Play with children and provide your feedback to co-create and pass forward efficient and fun pedagogical activities in STEAM and citizenship education. Let’s develop 21st century skills in primary school learners - computational and critical thinking, communication and empathy, problem-solving, reasoning.


Becoming part of an international community and applying active pedagogies - peer exchange, competitive challenges, interaction at teachers’ and students’ levels

At organization level:

  • Access and an opportunity to co-create innovative playful and multidisciplinary learning activities which enhance students intrinsic motivation and learning capacity;

  • Certification for collaboration in STEAM education

At teachers’ level: Certificate for participation in STEAM learning activities; Open badges for competences in problem solving, computational thinking, addressing SDGs, collaboration, co-creativity

At students’ level: Certificate for obtaining transversal skills: active citizenship related to SDGs, critical thinking, computational thinking, STEAM subjects


Schools are the major collaborators in this endeavor. Your willingness to progress in designing innovative educational curricula has brought you to participate in our demonstration activities.

With the support of the Unplugged partners' professionals you will be entitled to:

  • Provide infrastructure and logistics to carrying out demonstration Unplugged activities in classes;

  • Support the identification of enthusiastic teachers to pioneer the learning activities in classes;

  • Provide incentives, incl. time and optionally material resources, for project - teachers exchange to organize the learning activities in class.


Your trip to the Unplugged Quest will be supported by our heroes. We value your professionalism and experience and wish to investigate diverse form of collaboration with you. This is why we stay open-minded for ideas!

We would facilitate the process by:

  • Providing a full set of Unplugged quests, bunt together in a fascinating storytelling which leads through Unplugged territories of thematic activities.

  • Guiding through quests implementation in class.

  • Physically and virtually participating in the implementation of Unplugged learning activities in class,.

  • Ensuring virtual and physical access to the Unplugged ecosystem of communication and networking tools and teaching resources, incl. set of Do-It-Yourself materials, game boards (virtual or physical), Unplugged community, gamified meeting rooms, etc.

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