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unplugged The Project

meaningful quests developing creativity and critical thinking

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UNPLUGGED is an Erasmus + Project aiming to participate in the development of citizenship education as a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow children to recognize the values necessary for living in the community. At the educational level, the development of children's citizenship is part of the overall school training project. This focus contributes to the transmission of values and principles related to living in our democratic societies. To reach its pedagogical commitment, Unplugged has created a game-based learning ecosystem dedicated to societal challenges. Using games in education is a great means of discovering the surrounding universe, increasing the level of interactivity and motivation for the children to learn and explore. Gamified experiences are hence more and more popular in the educational systems as they allow children to acquire new knowledge through diverse stimuli. When the objectives of a game are focused on solving real problems, it is then possible to translate concepts into understandable practices and competencies to solve the challenges of real life


Concretely, we are offering you to enter the Unplugged Quest, composed of creative and educational content gathered from museums, libraries and third places. This Quest is based on an inquiry approach using exploration methods and integrating learning by doing through artistic or DIY projects and unplugged programming challenges specifically aimed at enhancing logical and critical thinking, using various games and puzzles, cards, ropes, coloured pencils ... and appealing to the creativity of the students.

Access our games' activity sheet & material


Discover our games ideas hereunder. Feel free to download, use, modify, reuse, communicate and get inspired by our open and free resources! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Have fun!

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