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unplugged The Social Challenge

Become an #UnpluggedAmbassador


The Unplugged Quest was built as a playful way to come together, learn key skills, and challenge children about their behaviour and understanding of citizenship. Whether you are new to the quest or already a player, we want to get to know you better and welcome you to our Hall of Honor

To that end, we have officially launched our Unplugged Social Challenge! A social event with no deadline, aimed at collecting your feelings, feedback and best achievements in implementing one or more of the Unplugged games! 

Anyone can join the challenge... schools, parents, educators, social and recreation centers... We look forward to meeting you! Find out how to participate ... 

#unpluggedambassador #creativeeurope #education #learning #play

How to participate?


to one or several of the Unplugged Games


your feedback in the form you want: photos, videos, written feedback, etc.


your feedback on social media using the hashtag #unpluggedambassador and like the Unplugged page

get rewarded

Become a member of the Unplugged community and get the opportunity to win a very special prize ...

Special Prize - Participate in our random draw!


Each time you share your accomplishments, you will officially become a participant in our grand prize drawing that will take place on June 1, 2023! The grand prize winner will have the incredible opportunity to receive a unique prize, including a set of official Unplugged materials, free access to online educational and playful resources designed by our partners, and a surprise to be revealed soon... 

1 post on one of the social networks (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) = 1 chance to win ... The more you post, the more you increase your chances ... to your keyboards!

You don’t have access to social media? Send us your participation by e-mail to and allow us to post your material on our social networks.


Remaining time before the grand prize drawing

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