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Let us tell you a story … about the Unplugged Universe!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The Unplugged consortium has now brought to life its ideas for gamified activities in designing 25 interconnected and yet independent unplugged quests, games, experiments and challenges, each serving both to pedagogical and playful objectives.

Read through abstracts of the Unplugged Gamebook (coming soon), which binds together the story line of the Unplugged quest, its pedagogical commitment and rewarding system.

Read, watch and listen carefully …

Feather is a rainbow bird that travels the world and symbolized the harmony of living creatures. Seeing planet Earth being polluted and societies moving towards anger, his despair caused him to lose his feathers and he disappeared. To help him fly and travel the world again, you have the mission to reflect on how to make the world a better place across 4 territories: Roaming across the Peaceful Island and becoming a concerned citizen, Explore the streets of the Strong Community City for building collective and harmonious societies, Navigate across the Crazy bayou while preserving natural ecosystems And use your imagination within the Fantastic Factory for reshaping a better world. Let’s find Feather colours back!

Get onboard - Welcome to the Unplugged Universe

Feather is a rainbow bird who spent his life travelling the world and flying over beautiful lands. His colours represented harmony and gave hope and joy to the living creatures. But step by step, the earth turned crazy. It was always too warm or too cold, and the air became toxic. For every issue encountered, the majestic bird lost a feather. He was never able to recover them as Earth had become too dangerous to land on. Overwhelmed with fatigue and despair, Feather called out to humans for help before disappearing. To fly again and give back its beauty to the world, the little bird asked brave adventurers to search for his lost feathers.

"To help me through this quest, you will have to be smart and volunteer. You will explore the four territories where my feathers were lost. Fix what is wrong in those countries. Bring me back the four feathers so I can go back to my mission: flying across the world making the eyes and minds of living creatures shine again.

Good luck my adventurers! One last piece of advice: open your heart, unlock your imagination and free up your brain. Come back soon, I am waiting for you."

Explore the Onboarding quests


Learning to express an opinion, overcoming pre-conceived notions in the classroom

The game fosters children’s emotional development, learning to express their opinions and respect for others’ views and feelings. A player draws a card, describing a situation and reads it out loud to the others. Then, all players express with an emoji card face down whether they like, dislike or love the situation described. All players turn over the emoji cards at the same time and discuss without judgment to each other's feelings..


Binary counting

Brain twister

Programming a choreography

First territory - Explore the Peaceful Island

Have you seen Feather the bird? Approach the basics of citizenship, inclusion and equity!

Well, the last time I saw him was a while ago. He tried to land to sing but people were annoyed, too busy with their own problems. A man waved him away and a little girl threw a stone at him. Sad, he left his yellow and orange feathers fall from his tail. Since then, things have gotten worse and worse. To find the feather, get to know yourself, work on your own emotions and make peace with the outer world, otherwise, your quest is in vain.”

Explore the quests of the Peaceful Island

Poverty-free game collection

Fostering creativity while discussing access to leisure activities for all

People from poorer backgrounds are often excluded from social life, just because they cannot afford to join such activities. Players in this quest are asked to create in teams a game out of objects within the classroom, play and assess it.


Cookies and Peace

Peace Magic Grid

Clay and Sculpture

Form Factor

Second territory - Explore the Strong Community

Reflecting on ourselves is a personal journey, however finding harmony in the community is a collective challenge!

The last time he crossed the country was during a big demonstration, riots broke out, and the police and the army were there too. Frightened by all this noise, the bird could not land and continued on its way, dropping his blue feather. To find it, you will first have to calm down the angry spirits and find ways to make humans live together.”

Dr. Hanoï

Fostering logics, illustrating chemistry

The game takes place in a chemistry laboratory, with test tubes, formulas and chemical elements. Players have to find a vaccine with the correct chemical formula by transferring the elements from one test tube to another!

Reroute better world

Live in Harmony

Farm in the city

Third territory - Explore the Crazy Bayou

Let's explore the challenges of the human activities' impact on the ecosystems in this third territory: the Crazy Bayou!

He used to come and rest in the ponds of the bayou. In the mornings, when the sun rose up, you could hear him sing. But the last time he came all the land was devastated. Grass no longer grew, trees had been cut down to make packaging and the earth was drilled to extract its elements. Too sad to land, Feather kept flying. He dropped two green feathers and continued on his way. To find it you will have to make peace with the earth, and feed the earth to restore it so that flowers and trees can grow again. Then animals and insects will come back.”

Ecosystem in a jar

Understanding biological lifecycle and the impact of human interference

This is an experiment which introduces components of the miniature ecosystem in a jar. Once a jar is closed, the plant uses the water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil to survive. As the plant loses some leaves, they are broken down by bacteria and become nutrients in the soil. With the right balance, the ecosystem inside the jar can survive for years. By observing these changes and interactions among organisms and their environment, children will understand how the CO2 cycle works, how each factor influence the natural cycle etc.

Plastic Continent

Good Ways

PotLuck March

Fourth territory - Fine-tune our world in the Fantastic Factory

Final efforts to acquiring skills needed to be in charge of reshaping future!

He often flew over the city, landed on top of a building and cheered us up with his song. But the last time he came by, he could not find his way through. He was dazzled by the city lights, couldn't find the sun and stars that were hidden behind huge skyscrapers, and was disoriented by the dense wireless network that clouded his senses. He lost his last coloured feathers, the pink and purple ones, and disappeared. To find this feathers, learn to use your machines and screens to create a social link between living creatures and improve living conditions."

The Perfect City

Learning to handle manipulative behaviours and question information

The quest aims at teaching children to detect and overcome manipulative behaviours by questioning information, intentions and fact-checking. Participants are divided into small groups and each group is joined by an adult. The teams task is to build "a perfect city", by drawing it on paper. The adult in each group has a hidden agenda to manipulate the results to reach their own specific goal. At the end of the game, the groups show their city to the other groups and explain, why their city is the perfect city and how they felt about the instructions of the adult.

Fantasy out there!

Pop-up city of the Future

Iterative Clues


The Visitor of the Future

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